my name is
Aga Płoska

Let me show you how to plan and make a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

I created a 4‑steps methodology that will guide you through everything you need to know to be ready to launch your project.

At the moment I am focusing on She Crowdfunds Festival.

Let’s meet there (online)!  


Alternative financing has always been my passion and taught me lessons from successes and challenges.

I created an Empowerment Fund within She Crowdfunds, because I believe in supporting women in crowdfunding by giving them the tools that work.

I invited the ones I know and admire and asked them to share their experience with you as well. This is how She Crowdfunds Festival became a reality! 

The world is ready for more women, more projects and more beautiful campaigns! 


Only can-​do attitude

Having done and advised in so many projects, probably I have seen everything and have experienced all possible scenarios. From successes to challenges, from perfect preparation to giving up… I know exactly what you need. I’ve been there. And I know the shortcuts you need. 

I specialize in reward-​based campaigns.

Who do I work with?

What am I not doing?

It’s not all
about the money

It is true that majority of my time I work with crowdfunders.

I do other things as well though, like: working on social innovations, helping in creating social economy ideas and entities, build teams, create strategy.

If you feel like we can work together, let’s talk!

My values

My super powers

I have been working on myself for many years and have had the opportunity to do some tests (of course they all showed the same). If you know them, they can help you decide on our coöperation.

According to the Gallup test, my top 5 is: 

FRIS Thinking Styles®

Working with me

My work is my passion
- I share my energy

I help you move
from  the place

I will show you
a bigger picture

I focus on what you have and we start from there

I show you the path
and shortcuts

Let’s get to know each other better

Listen to podcasts

Mariusz Chrapko

Change Station


Kaśka Żbikowska

How can I help you today?

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