my name is
Aga Płoska

I teach crowdfunding campaigns. I de-​lurk them and show you how you can make your dreams come true and fund them through the commitment of your community.

Comedies and professionally create ideas, turn them into projects, and then implement them.

I am a   wizard and inspirer

I look at life with mindfulness, I believe in the impossible. Since 2009, I have been lingual financing projects. Since 2014, I have helped 75 project givers to raise over PLN 450,000 in total. I consulted several dozen more projects. I’m a co-​founder of Crowd.Academy, a crowdfunding school.

I specialize in reward-​based campaigns (i.e. repayable benefit).

Who do I work with?

What am I not doing?

that’s not all

It is true that crowdfunding occupies a special place in my life. I get great satisfaction from working with projecters on their campaigns. But sometimes it’s that your idea can evaluate in a completely unexpected direction and you may not need crowdfunding at all. Let’s talk! 

My values

I particularly appreciate:


My super powers

I have been working on myself for many years and have had the opportunity to do some tests (of course they all showed the 😊). If you know them, they can help you decide on our coöperation.

According to the Gallup test, my top 5 is: 

FRIS Thinking Styles®

You can read more about Gallup’s talents (Strengths Finder) in Polish on dominik Juszczyk’s website.

Why work with me?

My work is my passion — I infect with enthusiasm 

I help you move
from   the place

I’m showing a broader perspective

I focus on your resources

I lead you along a proven path 


When I think of the ideal partner for innovative projects, Agnieszka is the first to come to mind. I have been in this area #1 for many years. No one like her will lead a brainstorming from which constructive conclusions come. No one like her will organize ideas to make their reviving simple and enjoyable. Agnieszka has many strengths, but if I were to point out the most important ones, I would bet on empathy combined with strategic and design thinking. As soon as you let it work – it turns a simple idea – into a project that has a chance to be realised. I recommend working with her to anyone who dreams of reaching for dreams and looking for reliable partners for this.


Aga is an extremely open, cordial and full of positive energy. She is a 100% professional focused on achieving the goals she pursues with passion and full commitment. Each meeting with her is a powerful dose of inspiration and motivation to act. Thanks to his experience, he gives concrete substantive support, and thanks to exceptional emotional intelligence builds extremely valuable relationships based on mutual trust and understanding. It combines a high level of competence with openness, flexibility and even contagious enthusiasm. I recommend Aga to anyone who wants to effectively pursue their business goals in a positive and friendly atmosphere.

Let’s get to know each other better

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