I will teach you,
how to achieve an effective
crowdfunding campaign.

“The goal is a dream with a date of realization”

– Napoleon Hill

And when I ask you, “why don’t you achieve your goals and dreams?” what will you answer me? When I ask this question in workshops, I hear most often: it’s all through fear, especially against what others will say, lack of readiness, motivation, time and, of course, money. Lack of resources is the reason that is most holding us back from acting. Through it we do not publish our books, do not open dream cafes, do not go on a trip around the world (here insert any of your dream). Crowdfunding comes to the rescue. Today you can fund your goals together with your crowd!


my name is
Aga Płoska

I help implement crowdfunding campaigns. I de-​lurk them and show you how you can make your dreams come true and fund them through the commitment of your community.

Comedies and professionally create ideas, turn them into projects, and then implement them.

I have already helped many projecters, and in April 2020 I ran my own campaign and thanks to this I published the book “Woman from the Crowd. Run a crowdfunding campaign in 4 steps”

How can I help you?

“Aga helped create my first crowdfunding miniproject, an online workshop on Women’s Style Archetypes.”

I am a dreamer and a multi-​professional enterprising woman. I run my microbusiness, but I also have BIG dreams, because I want to change the world into a friendly and beautiful place to live. Working with Aga, it was like a flight into space for me. Thanks to several online meetings, I saw how I could weave my dreams into one coherent project.

I am very suited to Agnieszka’s approach to creating crowdfunding projects. It is concrete, helps to define the framework, but gives freedom for imagination and creativity. Aga helped create my first crowdfunding miniproject, an online workshop on Women’s Style Archetypes. Thanks to her tips and hints, I tested my idea and earned it.

I am grateful and happy that our paths have come together, because Aga has helped me see that I can combine many of my passions into one project and involve my small online community in its implementation. If you also have dreams or ideas for workshops/​events/​book edition/​social action, etc., but do not know how to bring together people who will want to support your project with their money, it is necessary to arrange an online meeting with Agnieszka.

Guide to the world of style and Slow Fashion
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Agnieszka is a volcano of creative energy, from which inspiration and motivation like lava pour into the whole project and warm up to the redness of both participants and co-​organizers. I can’t imagine that the event we realized together could take place without Agnieszka!

Gdansk Tourist Organization

I highly recommend it!!! Agnieszka contributed to the SUCCESS of our crowdfunding campaign “Heart for the Curious” on She knows things, she can prepare, advise and steer in the right direction.

Agniesz­ka Pło­ska thanks a lot for a gre­at expla­na­tion of wha­t’s going on in crowd­fun­ding, help in pre­pa­ring a cam­pa­ign and instruc­tions on how to run it accor­ding to art. You have shared expert knowledge with us, and your positive attitude has raised morale in moments of doubt.

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