Let’s crowdfund, shall we? 

“The goal is a dream with a deadline”

– Napoleon Hill

If I asked you today: „why aren’t you pursuing your goals and chasing your dreams?”, what would you say? Whenever I ask this very same question during workshops, the most common answers I get include fear, especially the fear of being judged by others, lack of readiness, motivation, time and, of course, money. This lack of resources is the reason that holds us back from acting on our dreams the most. It is why we end up not publishing our books, not opening that café we’ve always dreamt of, not taking a round-​the-​world trip (or just insert your own dream here). And this is exactly where crowdfunding comes into play. You can fund your goals today, together with your crowd!


my name is
Aga Płoska

Let me show you the shortcuts to your successful crowdfunding campaigns. I know exactly what you need, where the risk may appear, what works and how to make it happen!

I teach, create and inspire. I keep a mindful outlook on life, I believe in the impossible. I have been working on alternative project financing since 2009 and have advised around 150 project initiators. 

In April 2020 I completed my own campaign and thanks to this I published the book “Woman from the Crowd. How to run a crowdfunding campaign in 4 steps”

“Aga helped to create my first crowdfunding miniproject”

I am a dreamer and a multi-​professional enterpreneur woman. I run my microbusiness, but I also have BIG dreams, because I want to change the world into a friendly and beautiful place to live. Working with Aga, it was like a flight into space for me. Thanks to several online meetings, I saw how I could make my dreams a reality

I like Agnieszka’s approach to creating crowdfunding projects. She provides you with the exact steps, helps to define the framework, but gives freedom at the same time. Aga helped create my first crowdfunding miniproject.

I am grateful and happy that we have met. If you also have dreams or ideas for workshops/​events/​book/​social economy, etc., but do not know how to build your crowd, meet Aga. 

A creator and slow fashion promotor

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