A woman from the crowd. How to run a crowdfunding campaign in 4 steps. E-book + Workbook (pdf) – English version


If I asked you today: „why aren’t you pursuing your goals and chasing your dreams?”, what would you say? Whenever I ask this very same question during workshops, the most common answers I get include fear, especially the fear of being judged by others, lack of readiness, motivation, time and, of course, money. This lack of resources is the reason that holds us back from acting on our dreams the most. It is why we end up not publishing our books, not opening that café we’ve always dreamt of, not taking a round-​the-​world trip (or just insert your own dream here). And this is exactly where crowdfunding comes into play. You can fund your goals today, together with your crowd!

Disclaimer! This book unleashes the urge to act! 

What will you find in this book?

  • Four steps I designed as a result of years spent working on crowdfunding campaigns
  • A lot of examples – I am definitely a practitioner
  • The stories of women who have already carried out their campaigns
  • Lessons learned from my own crowdfunding project
  • A practical guidebook on how to run a crowdfunding campaign

And who is this book for?
? All the dreamers
? Woman who want to turn their dreams into reality
? Those of you who are familiar with the term „crowdfunding” but have no idea where to start

So, are you ready? Let’s go and change the world together!

This is e‑book and workbook in pdf version. You will get a link to download directly to your e‑mail.

Enjoy! (and let me know how did it go!)

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