Activities for NGOs

I’ve always been a volunteer. I worked in many organizations, got involved and raised funds for them. Today I set up my own foundation, but still, following the voice of my heart, I support NGOs.

From all the applications I receive, Every quarter I choose an organization that I help completely free of charge. Usually this coöperation includes 5 hours of consultation of your campaign, but practically always this help is tailor-made.

What initiatives do I help?

I’ve got 2020 filled to the brim, but I’m already preparing for the first quarter of 2021. Think your organization will benefit from my support? 

Examples of activities implemented

Seniors in action

Awarded grant with the Overactive Foundation



What thing wouldn’t have happened without you? I certainly wouldn’t have organised a campaign because I wouldn’t be motivated to do so. You charged us with your enthusiasm and positive energy and so we had the energy to carry out this project. All this time you pointed us in the right direction and communicated in a simple and accessible way, so we wanted to implement every next stage of the project.

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